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Best MIUI 12 And MIUI 11 Theme for Resmi And Xiaomi Devices | AuroraS V 12

Best MIUI 12 And MIUI 11 Theme for Resmi And Xiaomi Devices | AuroraS V 12

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to talk about MIUI ,which is a User Interface designed by Xiaomi and Xiaomi uses this UI in Its smartphones.The MIUI is Most famous customisable UI in the world with lots of Features.Many company tried to make UI like this but they don't succeed.The main thing that this UI offfers many customisation settings but It also doesn't decrease the CPU performance and it offers some times better than Stock Android in my opinion.After using this UI you don't like any Other UI or Smartphone instead of Xiaomi Smartphones.
 The best Customisable Features are mentioned below 
You can Change 
1.Boot Animation
2.Charging Animation 
3.WhatApps Module
5.Lockscreen style
6.Homescreen style
7.Notification Toggle and Bar
8.Setttings Menu Style
And so many other things like youtube,Chrome,Filemaneger etc.

This all Changes can easily done by  only changing themes which have these all modules.
If you download a theme which have Charging Animation and Boot Animation,the Charging Animation and Boot Animation will Change afyer appling that theme.

AuroraS V12

The theme I provided here come with of cool features after using this you feel that you are using a primium smartphone  with primium features.The best Features of this themes are Charging Animation, Beautiful Lockscreen, Beautiful Homescreen with Awesome Icons and so on.
Designer :-
Size :- 
Compatible :-

Best Features are mentioned Below

➤ Charging Animation 
➤ icons Changed
➤ Notification Toggles and Notification Bar Changed
➤ Dialler Pad Changed
➤ Unique Volume Controller
➤ Settings Menu Changed

Sample Screenshots

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